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I have been a patient of Dr. Oza’s since 2005 when I was diagnosed with SLE (Lupus). She was extremely knowledgeable and informative about Lupus and Osteoarthritis. In 2006, I had a bad flare which caused renal failure and I had to be put on Cytoxin. She was very supportive and informative of the procedure. With her knowledge and care I went into remission and I have been stable since. She has taught me a lot about Lupus and Arthritis and to be cautious with what I could eat and what I should avoid. I joke about her being strict, but she does it out of compassion and concern for her patients well being. She stays educated and informed about the changes in medicine and treatment. Dr. Oza has been a wealth of knowledge and support for my family and I while living with Lupus and Osteoarthritis.

I have been there 3 times now and every time it is worth any wait. The staff are kind and engaging and keep you comfortable. Even the visit with the doc is clear and thorough and explaining every concern and scenario. They even do my bloodwork there and that was not too unpleasant either.

Thank you for seeing me about my fibromyalgia. I feel more hopeful about my health since seeing you. The information you told me about is very helpful. I am particularly appreciative of the time you took to talk to me and my husband. It made a great difference in my approach to my situation.

Dear Dr. Roane, Thank you for caring for my wife, Cherri, these many years. Amongst her many troubles and difficult times, she always felt very secure in your care. I appreciate your kindness, understanding, and expertise while giving medical advice to Cherri and I know you have her extra special attention so many times. Please extend my appreciation, too, to everyone at the clinic who helped in caring for Cherri.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your several years of care and professionalism on my ongoing treatment of RA. You have always made me feel comfortable and that you truly cared about my wellbeing. I appreciate all you have for me over the years.

We want to thank you for finding my RA and starting my journey with the RA. We have always been treated extra special from you and your staff. I really appreciate your wisdom, compassion, and kindness.

Dr. Roane, I want to wish you all the best on your next adventure! With your care I have gotten back so much!

Dear Dr. Roane, Thanks for being my doctor and friend all these years. You have helped me “keep on moving” by keeping my RA under control. Thanks again.